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Get a true taste of Turkey at the Ozgur Restaurant Turkish Delicatessen

We are pleased to offer you a selection of Turkish delicacies, including spices, jams, cheese, pickles and, of course, real Turkish delight.

Ideal for enjoying on their own, for entertaining, or as gifts for all lovers of Turkish food


Herbs and spices

Flaked red pepper 100gr £1.40
Sumac 100gr £1.40


Turkish salted pistachios 250gr £5.40
Hazelnuts 250gr £4.75

Turkish Delight and Figs

Pistachio 250grams £3.70
Plain 250grams £2.80
Rose 250grams £2.80
Special mix 255grams £3.70
Dried figs 250grams £2.75

Jam and honey

Cherry jam 300grams £2.10
Fig jam 300grams £2.70
Quince jam 300grams £2.10
Rose jam 300grams £2.10
Comb in acacia honey 340grams £4.85




Plain 400grams £3.55


Mild peppers 720cl £2.95
Hot peppers 720cl £2.95


Black 200grams £2.35
Cocktail green 250grams £2.55


Turkish feta 400grams £5.85
Goats cheese 200grams £3.65
Halloumi 250grams £3.10


Sucuk (Turkish sausages) 250grams £3.65
Charalambos Turkish coffee 250grams £4.10
Cherry juice 1litre £1.60
Cezve (Turkish coffee pot) £4.99


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